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Will I Brick My Cell Phone by Unlocking It?

It all seems so much fun and new when you buy a new cell phone. There’s lots of new features to play with and explore, some that your really enjoy and your new service seems great. Like everything in life the novelty will wear off and, you will start to realize that you’re paying for features you never use and overpaying for others. It’s about that time that another cell phone carrier begins advertising a lower on the similar service. You discover that you may have another option for cell phone providers. You don’t have to be tied to the SIM card in your phone. By unlocking the phone and inserting a different SIM card, you can have service from almost any network. However, hold on a second it’s not that simple you can just pop in a new SIM into your old phone and hope that it will work. That’s when many people think will i brick my cell phone by unlocking it?

If you want to unlock your phone, you may decide to just call your current service provider and ask for the unlock code. You may be surprised to not receive help but rather a stern warning from the customer service person. You’ll be told that unlocking your phone violates your contract and you’ll need to pay an early termination fee. Also you might be told that unlocking your phone can be risky and you may “brick” your phone, rendering it useless. Are they telling you the truth? Well, like everything the answer is yes and no. If you have been a good customer for the duration of the contract, that means that you have paid your bills on time and in full, that you have no other outstanding balance and have generally been an all-round good customer then you stand a good chance of your operator unlocking your phone.

If I use a third party unlocking company will I Brick My Cell Phone by Unlocking It?,

However, you have to dig your heels in and insist on an unlocking code been provided for your smart phone.

It’s a well-known fact that many people have successfully unlocked their cell phones. So it would be logical to assume that if they can do it, you can too. The service providers may try to scare you into not unlocking your phone in order to keep you connected to their service. Their closed network is what works best on your phone and they will do very everything they can to convince you of that.

The providers may claim that using a third party unlocking code on a GSM phone will brick your phone for good. The service provider can only block their particular SIM card but not the phone itself. It’s after all, your phone! If the unlocking is done correctly, it can be a simple alternative.

When you get a code to unlock the phone, you need to ensure it is obtained from a reputable source. Don’t enter the code repeatedly if it gives you an error message as you can lock your phone permanently.  Bricking is actually an issue when you try to access app’s and services not available to you either on your phone or through your service. If your phone is unlocked, you’ve got the ability to get the features you want and download the app’s you want as well.

Practice caution and care when using an unlocking code on your phone and you’ll have a low risk of bricking your phone.

Author: jack44

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