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Unlock a New World on Your Mobile Phone

If your phone uses a SIM card, then your phone can essentially use the SIM card of any available cell phone service provider in your area, but only if it’s unlocked. This hasn’t always been true of cell phones though, if you are looking to unlock a new world on your mobile phone, then read on. Cell phone companies and mobile operators worldwide lock in their customers with flashy new phones, exclusive deals, new accessories and amazing app’s. Essentially what they do is they pay for the phone upfront and you pay them each month until the phone cost has been recouped. However, there is a catch, mobile phone companies will continue to charge even though they have recovered the cost of their initial investment in your smart phone. This is where the concept of cell phone locking comes into play, in that customers are vaguely aware of the fact that they signed a contract that allows them to only use that particular service provider, i.e. the operator that they purchased the smart phone from initially. This business model has enraged many customers throughout the years. It makes no sense that a cell phone user should be deprived of other network features when the domain is public. They feel they should have the privilege of choosing their network and switching if they want to by using the unlock codes that do exist. However, to most people’s surprise many phones can be unlocked by simply entering a code — either000000” or “123456”. This is called known as the factory default code, will enable new to use your smart phone on any network. Other operators such as U.S. Cellular will have the same

Unlock a New World on Your Mobile Phone Device

Before you go and pay for an expensive unlock code or in the case of iPhones and network unlock, check out the following methods and you may be able to unlock your cell phone for free.

3 Easy steps to Unlocking a New World on Your Mobile Phone.

  1. The numbers of third party companies who provide cell phone unlock codes are very easy to find. For example Verizon can be contacted on (800) 922-0204. AT&T’s customer service unlocking desk can be found at  (888) 294-6804. Before contacting either of these companies or indeed any other company make sure you have a clean credit history, that your bills are paid up-to-date, that you have no outstanding issues with the operator, and that your phone is out of contract. Normally mobile operators will not unlock your phone unless you have reached the end of the contract period with them .
  2. The legalities involved in unlocking phones leans in favour the consumer. In the US, it has become clear that unlocking cell phones doesn’t violate copyright laws as was claimed in the past. This was not always the case, in fact in January 2014 US Congress passed a bill making it illegal to unlock your phone. However this law has never been fully enforced and to this day remains on the statute book but nobody is aware of any case where a cell phone owner has been charged under the legislation. Indeed many countries worldwide are beginning to understand cell phone user rights and are amending their laws to reflect the changes and you will find it difficult to find a country where cell phone unlocking is in fact illegal.
  3. A new entry to the market is the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and they make unlocking your cell phone even easier. MVNO’s don’t have a frequency spectrum or other network coverage assets and they lack their own infrastructure. They use conventional business agreements that buy minutes of use with the standard service providers. They then sell the minutes to a customer base that chooses the best and most affordable options.

MVNO’s could possibly provide the best opportunity for consumers. The number of users is growing at a rapid pace and could reach well over 214 million by 2016. People have begun to appreciate the distinct advantages and benefits of choice when it comes to their cell phone providers. So I hope that we have put your mind at ease and that you feel relaxed about Unlocking a New World on Your Mobile Phone.

Author: jack44

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