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Why Should You Unlock your Mobile Device?

If you’ve just got a new smart phone and you know it’s worth a lot of money then it may be tempting to try and convert that into cash immediately. So you may be thinking why should you unlock your mobile device? In certain countries, like the Philippines, a cell phone or tablet are considered very valuable devices are can even be pawned for loans. There’s one question the pawn broker will ask you that will determine their interest. But there’s one trick that you should be aware of if you happen to go down this route: an unlocked cell phone or tablet can be worth several times more than its cousin who remains tethered to their original network. If you approach a pawnbroker they will probably ask you “Did you happen to unlock your mobile phone already?” Pawnshops like to know if the devices can be sold and used even if you’re late on your payments. For that reason, unlocked phones are more desirable. A pawnshop cannot resell the mobile device if it’s locked to a network and therefore locked to the account and user.

So Why Should You Unlock your Mobile Device with a android sim unlock?

Many mobile users consider unlocking their device a necessity and there’s various reasons why people have it done. Unlocking can be done by typing in an access code or connecting the device to software that can unlock the phone. In third world countries, there’s repair shops all around town that offer mobile device unlocking services. You can also mail in your device to a reputable company that can unlock the device for a small fee.

android sim unlock

There’s benefits to unlocking your mobile device other than a pawn shop accepting it as collateral.

  1. You’ll have the ability to use other android sim unlock. When you want to stay connected to others, you can use other cards and even use prepaid services while you travel. The ability to travel without high roaming charges can be a great benefit if you’re out of the country frequently.
  2. Cheaper rates are available on different networks. You should have the ability to choose the plan that suits your needs, not be stuck in a plan because of a locked phone. You can keep the phone you know and like, yet get on another plan that may better fit your budget.
  3. The phone you paid good money for will have resale value. You can sell your phone to someone else when you want to upgrade. This can increase the resale value by almost 300%!
  4. You can enjoy the special features on your phone. When the phone is unlocked, you can access the cool applications and features the carrier may want you to install specially or pay extra.
  5. There’s minimal risks to unlocking your mobile device with a android sim unlock. You should make sure you adhere to the contract you signed. You may be liable for the damages if you decide to break a contract, even a contract with a mobile device carrier.

In some areas, the unlocking of cell phones and other mobile devices are mandated. Companies are no longer allowed to lock the devices and this gives the user extensive freedom to choose their carrier, their plan, and change it when the need arises.

Author: jack44

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