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Do I Have To Pay To Jailbreak My iPhone?

The simple answer to this question is no! Sadly though, many people mistake jailbreaking for a difficult process and they do pay someone to do it. Don’t be one of those people with more money than sense – jailbreak your iPhone yourself – it’s easy!

Jailbreaking was once a very technical process that involved a lot of skill – but it has developed a lot, into a practise that is dominated by pretty menus and easy instructions. Jailbreaking has evolved into a process so simply literally anyone can do it (assuming you can read, and you have an iPhone!). There are two ways to jailbreak an iPhone – an untethered jailbreak, and a thethered jailbreak. Don’t be put off by the word tethered – in simple terms it describes whether or not your iPhone is connected up to your computer.

A untethered jailbreak is by far the easiest – but it is highly dependent on the iPhone firmware you’re running, as to whether you’ll be able to jailbreak your iPhone with an untethered method. The most popular untethered jailbreak software is available to everyone – simply open Safari on your iPhone and type in jailbreakme.com. The onscreen instructions are fool proof – and if you’re running an iPhone with IOS 4.0 or lower, your jailbreak will be completed in record time.

For the many who have updated beyond the IOS 4.0 software, there are still some really easy options out there for iPhone jailbreaking. RedSn0w is one of the easiest – all you have to do it download a small file from the internet, connect your iPhone to your PC or laptop, then follow the instructions. Again, it’s a really easy way to jailbreak your iPhone.

Those who charge you for a jailbreaking service will rarely use any special software – and they’re more than likely to use software that is free to download on the internet. It seems a little silly to pay someone to jailbreak your iPhone if you can get the software yourself to do it. There’s no technical knowledge required – you just have to follow some simple instructions.  Once your iPhone is jailbroken you have a whole world of new apps available to you – enjoy!

Many people out there incorrectly think that their iPhone firmware is the only thing that stands between them and a successful jailbreak. This is not true for most cases – and it’s simply the choice of tool that prohibits people from jailbreaking their device. The most popular way of jailbreakinf is fast becoming the website jailbreakme.com – but this site doesn’t always carry the latest jailbreak. Those who visit jailbreakme.com may not be able to jailbreak their device there – which leaves them thinking there is currently no jailbreak exploit available for them. However, this is not the case.

Tethered jailbreak software like RedSn0w is updated almost daily – and within days (sometimes hours) of a new Apple firmware update being issued, they make the RedSn0w jailbreak available for iPhone users. In fact – the only Apple device that can’t be jailbroken at current is the iPad 2. Every other device, and every other firmware can be exploited – it’s just a case of finding the correct tools to do it.

The iPhone development scene moves at a very quick pace – so the chances of being able to jailbreak the latest firmware is usually pretty high. The same can’t be said of iPhone unlocking, however. It’s important to distinguish the two, because iPhone unlocking allows you to use SIM cards from other networks in your iPhone, whilst jailbreaking allows you to blow your iPhone open to a whole new world of apps and tricks.

Unlocking can usually be done quite easily through applications available for jailbroken iPhones, but sometimes an unlock just isn’t possible. The latest version of the iPhone jailbreak, 4.3.3, doesn’t allow for unlocking – so for those who have just bought a new iPhone in the hope of unlocking it, it’s bad news. That said, iPhone unlocking software is always being developed and tweaked, so the chances are you will be able to unlock the very latest iPhones sooner rather than later.

The answer to the question which version of iPhone can I jailbreak is easy – most of them. As the scene moves so quickly it’d be pointless to list every single device and software revision that can be exploited. Instead, you’re better off checking out blogs like the RedSn0w one, which contain daily updates on what can and can’t be jailbroken. But for now at least, the only device that can’t be exploited is the iPad 2. Great news for you aspiring iPhone jailbreakers!

Author: jack44

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