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Is It Legal To Unlock And Jailbreak My iPhone?

The golden question is whether or not iPhone unlocking is legal or not. It’s a bit of a grey area, but it’s safe to say if any laws were being broken, Apple and their crack team of lawyers would have jailbreaking resources and sites shut down in the blink of an eye. That’s not the say jailbreaking its entirety is legal – it just means that adding extra functionality to your iPhone with a jailbreak isn’t illegal.

A jailbreak itself isn’t illegal, but there is definitely one practise that many iPhone users get themselves into hot water over – that’s the downloading of hacked, or cracked apps. The premium content you see on Apple’s App Store comes at a premium price, but some users decide to download these same premium apps from Cydia, for free. This is the problem with jailbreaking, and why Apple are so against it.

The old debate of whether or not backing up games on the Playstation comes into play here. Whereas a back up of a Playstation game was meant to keep your original safe from damage, there seems little ground for people to argue that playing hacked or cracked games is too a legitimate activity.

If you’re jailbreaking, it is advised you stay well clear of the ilklegal apps that are peddled in some Cydia sources. If you choose to download them there is every chance you could land yourself in hot water over them. Most apps are just a couple of dollars or less – is it really worth the hassle for a game you might only play once? If you’re such a fan of a game, support the developers by paying for it from the App store.

In conclusion the unlocking and jailbreaking of an iPhone is not illegal – it’s simply the choice of the owner. What is illegal is the downloading, or stealing, of premium apps. So if you’re thinking about a jailbreak because you want free games, it might be time to rethink your decision – because it can, and will get you in trouble. If you want a jailbroken iPhone for the many other benefits that jailbreaking brings to the table, by all means go ahead.

There are many reasons you should jailbreak and unlock your iPhone software, but here are the 5 main ones:

Free apps galore!

That’s right – jailbroken iPhones use a third party application called Cydia, which can be compared to the official App Store. The difference is, Cydia is home to a whole host of free apps. Apps that make it to the Apple App Store have to go through a screening process, and all developers must pay a fee to Apple to for a license to publish their work on the App Store. For some this is quite prohibitive money wise – so they instead they decide to launch their work through Cydia, for free! There are many budding coders out their whose work is just waiting to be discovered – check it out through Cydia.

Don’t pay someone else to unlock your iPhone

iPhone unlocking is big business, people charge big money for a procedure that can be done very easily with a jailbroken device. All that’s required is an unlocking app from Cydia; BlackSn0w being just one of them. Once BlackSn0w is installed you can follow the instructions and in no time your iPhone will be unlocked – it really is that easy. It seems silly to pay someone else to do it for you when it’s something you can do yourself.

Stand out from the crowd with custom themes

Don’t be like everyone else who uses run of the mill preset themes that come on your iPhone when it’s new. Customize and use your own themes and make people go “wow”. Winterboard is just one example of a theme designer that anyone can use with a jailbroken iPhone.

Make FaceTime calls over 3G

It’s pretty well publicized that to the dismay if iPhone 4 lovers around the world, FaceTime can only be used if you’re in range of (and logged on to) a wifi network. A jailbreak will allow you to install an app that lets you use the FaceTime function over a 3G connection too. The results won’t always be a crisp video call but hey, it’s extra functionality, right?

Share your 3G connection

If you don’t want to splash out on an internet dongle that you will seldom use, then why not use the 3G connection on your iPhone? There are many different apps out there that will let you configure your iPhone as a hotspot – so you can access the internet on your laptop or notebook on the go. It’s convenient and cost effective – and all you need is a jailbreak to benefit from this great idea!

Author: jack44

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