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My Jailbreak Went Wrong – Help

Relatively few people complain that their jailbreak goes wrong – but alas, some do. So what do you do when your jailbreak goes wrong? It’s important to know the steps to take if you think you’ve killed your iPhone because 99% of the time, there is a solution you can follow to revive your seemingly lost phone.

Jailbreaking is an intricate process

and intricacy means there are many things that could go wrong. Knowing how to put those things right is crucial if you don’t want to be left with an expensive doorstop. If you followed an internet tutorial to learn how to jailbreak you will have been urged multiple times to take a backup of your iPhone – and if you followed this step then you will find that restoring your iPhone should be hassle free.

My Jailbreak Went Wrong

The first thing you should do if you believe your jailbreak has gone wrong is to leave your iPhone powered off for the time being. If there are any error codes or messages then you should properly research them on the internet, for a tailored fix to your fault. If a fix isn’t forthcoming, there are some generic directions you can follow in an effort to revive your iPhone.

Putting your iPhone into DFU mode, then loading iTunes will usually allow you to restore the firmware, and phone settings, to factory defaults. If it allows you to do so then go ahead – reinstall the software then restore the backup you made earlier of your phone. You should be able to recover your lost contacts, photos, songs and notes – but only if you made a back up!

For those who have no luck whatsoever trying to recover their iPhone, there may only be one option left, and that’s taking your phone into an Apple Store. It’s imperative you book a Genius appointment online before going into the store, or they can (and do) refuse to look at your device. Book an appointment then go along with the phone – if they deem it to be broken they can replace it for you for a small cost (or no cost if it’s in warranty). You can then restore your earlier backup to the new phone. It’s not ideal, but it’s rare that a jailbreak will leave you without an iPhone – there’s always a solution.

There are many different ways you can set about jailbreaking your iPhone.

They’re almost all fool proof – and anyone can do it, don’t go paying someone to do this simple exercise which you can easily do yourself in less than half an hour. For those who’ve heard about the great benefits a jailbreak brings, the time it takes to install a jailbreak will be nothing compared to the benefits it brings.

The easiest way to jailbreak an iPhone is subjective and varies depending on your individual circumstances, however the general rule is that if your iPhone is IOS4 or higher, you should be looking to use a tethered option like RedSn0w – but if you’re running a firmware under IOS4 you could get away with using an easier solution like jailbreakme.com.

Both methods end up with the same result – an iPhone which has a whole lot more functionality, an iPhone that will keep you entertained for hours on end. A jailbreak allows you to install and run applications that aren’t necessarily available in the official App Store – giving you much greater choice when it comes to filling your iPhone with gaming goodness! There are many third party apps not available from the App Store – so it’s worth checking out what’s on offer if you’re in two minds about jailbreaking.

Back to the business of executing a jailbreak; it’s as easy as visiting jailbreakme.com for users with IOS4 and lower – and for those with IOS4.1 and higher, it’s no harder than downloading and running the RedSn0w program on your PC or MAC. That’s it – your jailbreak is no harder than following a few fancy menus and instructions.

Truth be told, there is no “easiest” way to jailbreak an iPhone, because they’re all pretty simple. The only question really is which form of jailbreaking is compatible with your device. For limited compatibility but extreme convenience, an untethered jailbreak with jailbreakme.com is the best option (software version dependent), and for a jailbreak solution that caters for the latest firmwares and iPhone models a RedSn0w jailbreak is the best option.

Out of the box an iPhone is pretty impressive, but after a few days or weeks the shine might start to wear off when you realise the functionality isn’t all that great. FaceTime calls are restricted to wifi networks, and the apps can be a dear do. It doesn’t have to be that way though; welcome the jailbreak!

Jailbreaking is a solution that many iPhone owners are turning

To in a bid to make their phones a whole lot more exciting. From great new apps to network unlocking – a jailbreak can do it all. For the goodness a jailbreak brings to your iPhone – it’s a ludicrous thought that they’re entirely free; but then again the old saying goes “the best things in life are free”.

Jailbreaking is absolutely worth it – and the time it takes to jailbreak a device is fast becoming less and less. Fancy menus and easy to read instructions are to thank for convenient jailbreaking which allows users to jailbreak their iPhones no matter how much or how little technical know how they may have. The great thing is that if you’re not completely happy with your jailbreak you can remove it and restore your iPhone back to how it was (providing you took a backup). So give it a go – and if you’re not keen, you’ve lost nothing.

Many people jailbreak in an effort to unlock their phones, which would otherwise cost quite a lot of money. So if you’re looking to unlock – don’t go paying your network – do it yourself! Don’rt go paying some unscrupulous person in a phone shop to do it either, because the odds are they’ll use a method that’s freely available online!

Unlocking is just one merit of a jailbreak; free apps is another. People love things for free – and the cost of apps on the Apple App Store can mount up – that’s why people download third party apps on their jailbroken devices for free! Beware though that downloading cracked premium iPhone apps is illegal.

An iPhone jailbreak is absolutely worth it. Breathe a new lease of life into your iPhone – and show it off to your friends. Download apps that aren’t available to the majority of iPhone owners – and customize your theme with a jailbreak.

Author: jack44

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