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Is Jailbreaking Reversible?

It’s a question a lot of people like to ask – and it’s a very valid one. But the big question everybody wants to know is, is jailbreaking reversible? You can in fact reverse a jailbreak with relative ease – which is great news for those who simply can’t be bothered sifting through thousands of jailbreak reviews to ascertain whether or not they want to give it a go. Bite the bullet and jailbreak and unlock your iPhone – without the fear of never being able to go back.

So, is jailbreaking reversible?

Of course to be able to reverse your jailbreak, you will need to backup your iPhone first. Backing up your iPhone is made easy in iTunes – and it’s always recommended that you back up your iPhone at least once a week anyway. An iPhone jailbreak procedure can be a little risky so it’s of paramount importance that you back up before jailbreaking begins; if you lose everything then it’s gone forever with no back up!

Twingr, mobile matersUnlocking and jailbreaking iPhones is easy – so it’s not like you’re going to waste a load of time. There are many different iPhone jailbreak solutions out there, tethered and untethered, so it’s up to you to find the one that best suits your situation. Once jailbroken you can have a poke around at the many advantages a jailbreak brings with it. From free apps to added functionality, a jailbreak brings it all. The chances are you’ll be over the moon with your jailbreak – but if you’re not, the million dollar question is how do you reverse the process?

Well, it’s incredibly simple. Connect your iPhone up to the computer – restore it to factory settings, then install the backup you took of it earlier, prior to jailbreaking. The reversing process can take a little time – but it’s largely automated so you’re not required to sit at your computer watching it.

There you have it – a complete solution to installing then rolling back an iPhone jailbreak. The stark reality is that most iPhone users stick with their jailbroken device due to the many benefits it brings. From wifi sharing to FaceTime over a 3G connection – the list of advantages a jailbreak boasts is endless.

Don’t be confused by the lingo that jailbreak developers use. It’s not hard to decipher, but it puts many people off jailbreaking their iPhone because it makes the process sound a little more technical than it actually is.

Tethering is basically the practise of plugging your iPhone into your computer with a USB cable – it’s not a hard term to grasp. A tethered jailbreak therefore is a jailbreak that requires your iPhone to be plugged into your PC for the procedure to go ahead. For those who thought only tethered jailbreaks exist, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know a few untethered jailbreak solutions are also out there.

For those looking for a fast, hassle free jailbreak, perhaps on the go, then an untethered jailbreak is an ideal solution. They’re easy to obtain – the only thing you need to do is load Safari and navigate your way to jailbreakme.com. When you’re there, an exploit is used to trick your iPhone into letting you jailbreak it (with your permission of course) – after some files are downloaded and the exploit is run, your iPhone will be ready in no time!

The alternative to an untethered jailbreak is of course a tethered one. It may sound a little more complicated, but it’s really not. If you’re one of those who always updates to the latest Apple firmware the second it comes out, then you may find it hard to uncover and untethered jailbreak solution; the main reason being that Apple usually patch the holes that allow for untethered jailbreaks rather quick.

Don’t let that put you off though, because a tethered jailbreak is just as easy as an untethered one. Jailbreaking software such as RedSn0w can be easily and freely obtained on the internet. All you need to do is download it then run it on your PC or MAC machine. Follow the onscreen prompts – make sure your phone is plugged in and you will have a jailbroken device in no time. A tethered unlock is a lot more reliable, and caters for a whole lot more firmware revisions than an untethered jailbreak.

So there you have it; if you’re looking for a fast convenient jailbreak solution and you’re running IOS 4 or lower, an untethered jailbreak is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a jailbreak solution for an iPhone running IO4.1 or higher, a tethered jailbreak through RedSn0w is the solution for you.

Author: jack44

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