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Cell Phone Unlocking

How to Unlock your phone without breaking the bank

Do you own an iPhone 7, HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S7, or any other cell for that matter? Well if you do, it’s easy, affordable and in no way dangerous to Cell Phone Unlocking. Unlocking a mobile or cell phone is perfectly legal, providing the handset wasn’t purchased in the US after January 26th 2013. It’s also very straightforward and won’t in any way, damage your phone.

Unlocking Doesn’t cost the earth

Unlocking your phone is easy and shouldn’t cost the earth, so if you’re considering doing it, look at how much you’re going to be paying first. Some companies will offer the service for what appears to be very little only for the charges to be hidden. It may be that you have seen a service that costs £4.99, only for you then to have to call a number to have your phone unlocked. If this is the case, check the price of the number you are dialling, as some will be charging £1.50 a minute for you then to spend 3-4 minutes on the phone, which will in turn increase the amount you are paying considerable.

Cell phone unlocking

There are also sites offering to unlock phones for large sums of money, by giving you the impression that it is a very difficult procedure and that you are paying a fair price. That simply isn’t true. A reputable site will be able to do it for very little cost and quickly as well, so there is no need for you to pay £19.99 to get it done.

You don’t have to pay off your contract to unlock your Mobile

If your phone is on a 12 or 24 month contract, you don’t have to pay the balance before having the handset unlocked. As long as you continue to pay the monthly payments, you are perfectly free to unlock your phone and take full advantage of the freedom that this will give you.

Freedom once you unlock your Cell Phone

Once your phone is unlocked, you can then change the SIM when you travel abroad to a local SIM, which will afford you much cheaper dialling. You can also sell you phone when it is out of contract with a greater deal of success. A phone advertised on Amazon that is unlocked, will often sell quicker and for a better price than a locked model, so that is also worth considering. It may even be that you have recently moved house and your current provider doesn’t have a strong enough signal where you live. Whatever your reasons for unlocking you phone, it’s very straightforward and once you have done it, there is no need to ever look back. You will probably just be left wondering why you never did it before.