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Apple iPad Review: Hit or Miss?

The iPad looks great! But is it made of the same sturdy stuff as iPhone and iPod Touch?

You bet it is!

Then why do people have such a love and hate relationship with it? Nobody seems to make up their mind about whether they like it or not! And may be that’s where the true beauty of the iPad lies.

Our first impressions of this device are positive. Its familiar touch interface is welcomed and it suits the large screen on this gadget. Going through websites is a breeze, starting applications and files and zooming in and out of maps happens quickly.

When you pick it up for the first time you immediately notice its body. Slightly larger that a hardback; it’s only half an inch thick. But at 0.68 kg its not exactly light weight or pocket sized.

But when you get deep in to the iPad, you start to notice things that really shouldn’t happen. First of all, the complete and utter lack of flash created media.  It is a major issue because for a machine that wants to rival net books, the lack of flash support can spell disaster. I mean tell me one good site that doesn’t use flash in one form or another, even if just for advertisements. Instead, a little blue square appears where the embedded flash file should have been. It makes you feel a little cheated!!

Also a big problem is the lack of a camera. But we do grant that it can plug in; and after all, your average grandma won’t worry about technicalities like that. For those of who just want to get on the internet with minimum hassle involved, this device is indeed a blessing.

Can the iPad be easily unlocked?

Unlocking the iPad is like any other device, you need to get a factory unlock. But there are others who need more convincing to pay big bucks for the iPad. The iPads’ big screen is designed to make the best use of multimedia content and full screen browsing. And apart from the lack of flash support there is another hindrance. There is no multi tasking. You can’t listen to your favorite songs while checking your email. You just can’t watch a movie while downloading something else!

So yes there are some major issues with this device. But apart from these problems what’s commendable is that Jobs has successfully broken through to a previously lackluster market, that of Tablets. May be a 3rd or 4th generation iPad will have everything we want, but right now we have to admit that it’s pretty cool to look at and already has some die hard fans.

It’s not exactly a game changing device but it has definitely brought some believability to the idea of computing on touch! It is a great device to get ideas and insights from.

One nice feature is the iBook. It is to your iPad what iTunes is to your iPod.

Apple has worked hard with Amazon to bring you the best downloads in audio and e-books. And it is exclusively available for your iPad.

Our verdict?

It’s not perfect but definitely has a potential for greatness and perfection. So we are just waiting for the next gen of iPads to see what they have to offer!

Author: jack44

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