Increase your Value with The Telecoms Institute is delighted to introduce you to The Telecoms Institute which will increase your value by developing and building your skills in The Telecoms Institute and associated curriculum are designed to centrally support fixed and mobile technology skills that are vital to the continued success of you and your career within the Telecoms Industry.


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Fixed and Mobile Technology Knowledge

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Radio Engineering Training

Radio Site Engineering, Principles and Radio System Design Training

IP Networks and Protocols

IP Convergence Essentials, IP/Ethernet Essentials and IP Addressing/Internet Protocols Principles Training

Modern Networking Principles

Networking Principles Protocols and Practice for Modern Network Training

IPTV / Mobile Video Training

IP Networks and Protocols, LTE, IPTV, Radio Engineering and TETRA related Training Programmes

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

LTE Technologies, Services and Market Essentials, Backhaul, Signalling, and Capacity Planning Training

The Evolution of Mobile Technologies

Mobile 3G, WCDMA/HSPA +, TD SCDMA Mobile 4G LTE Advanced Training


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